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About: hi, my name is Daria, I'm young photographer from Odessa, Ukraine.
Yes, all pics in this blog are made by me. I hope you'll like them.

Bright Alina is both amazing in bw and color. I wish every my commercial shooting was so cheerful and pleasant.

Anonymous asked: are you smoking?

no, I just make my models smoke.

My soulmate Annushka while our spiritual unity. Studio, medium format, March.

Anonymous asked: у тебя разве нет собственного сканера для пленки?

нету ни вдохновителя ни собственного сканера для пленки. представьте только как тяжко мне приходится.

Anonymous asked: well there is always an inspirational man behind each talented woman and vice versa

well, that sounds really nice and very romantic but actually i’m alone now

Alina in my studio, March ‘13.

Alina in my studio, March ‘13.

Anonymous asked: are you married?

what information did lead to this supposition?

Vasiliy and Annushka, our photo diary, March ‘13.

Our fabulous trio <3 Photo diary, March ‘13

Our fabulous trio <3 Photo diary, March ‘13

Anonymous asked: a chem tebya vpechatlila nimfomanka?

свободой и музыкой

Anonymous asked: kakie filmy kotorye ty posmotrela v poslednee vremya okazali na tebya bolshoe vpechatlenie?

"нимфоманка", "воровка книг", "мальчик в полосатой пижаме", "под сенью боярышника" 

Simple test shots for Kristina (KModels).

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